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Every field is taking the advantage of latest techniques to make working process effective and facile. Indian astrology has also experienced change similar to other field due to Currently 5. Soft: Infotech True Astrology Software v3. Get the latest Astr to tags: lifesign astrology software astro vision. Astrology software for Mac - Centaur Astrology macintoshprograms. Astrology Software www. Astrology Software Free Download Astrologysoftwareonline www. Best Astrology Software free Download Astrologysoftwareonline www.

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Please try again. Feature Video See why you should use folkd. Free, No Adware, No Spyware. Install folkd-Buttons for Firefox. About folkd. You have obviously put a lot of. It's obviously a labor of love for you, and a tremendous labor saver for. The interface is beautiful, you've thought of so. Every time I use it I encounter another feature that makes me say to. The program is superbly designed. In fact I could find anything within. The program so far is behaving superbly.

I am always full of praise over. It truly is a magnificent. I have just printed the first chart with readings. I am absolutely. I have seen all astro programs available in. India or here in North America, but yours is by far the best, in terms.

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Much better than my expectation. Every feature is very nice, I have no. Every day I find a new feature in. Very difficult to express. May The Almighty gave you more. God bless you. I like your Goravani program very much. I think you make it possible for. I want you to know how grateful I am for your persistent efforts to make.

I recently ordered your program and I'm extremely impressed with it. It's so comprehensive, I kept thinking it must be divinely inspired. I received the new version and thanks for the entire good job you have. Your software is a tremendous help in my job. Since I have purchased multiple programs, I think I may be able to. Goravani's program.

What makes

It is a MUCH finer product--clearly a labor of. Version 2.

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Goravani Jyotish v2. Jyotish Studio Product Information Menu. The Goravani Theory Philosophy. General Information. Chart Lists. Chart Window. A Few Misc.

QuickView Window. Planet Lists Windows. Menus in the Program. Computers never stop marching on. While Windows allows for both to run, Apple has made the decision awhile back to drop 32 bit.

LifeSign MiniĀ®1.2

Now we HAD to make the jump to With the release of Jyotish Studio 5, which is now the shipping version, available now on this site for purchase, upgrade and download, we are now 64 bit. This is true of the Windows version as well. Mac users therefore, to run JS on Catalina, have to upgrade. This is a paid upgrade, meaning you have to buy it.

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See below for a list of things done in Jyotish Studio 5. Changed the dominant typeface used throughout the program to Verdana Font. Remove Duplicate Charts was added to File Menu on the chart list window. Transit Wheel got it's own context menu, as single chart one is inappropriate. You can now spark transits to Now by using the Tri wheel context menu. Double clicking on a dasha takes you to the next level of detail, a drill down into. Bug affecting charts in Eastern England was finally found and fixed.

Now when you open a chart window, the current transit is set for all transit charts.

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Bug in the Tropical Chart affecting the Outer Planets was found and fixed. Jyotish Studio 5. References from some of our users These are just a small sampling of the many kind letters we have received from our users. I looked at my own chart and even though I am quite familiar with it, your program told me some things about it that I never noticed.

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Not only is it a fine consulting tool, it is an excellent teaching tool. I love that the readings feature allows me to edit and save my own readings file. You have created a truly magnificent and thoughtful piece of software! I was guided in this choice I am very pleased. I think you classify as a genius. I can appreciate it because I used to spend weeks to work all these details out manually when I used to prepare extensive charts about twenty years ago in India.

Traditional, Krishnamurti, Transits, Varshaphala The analysis in terms of the various yogas occurring in the horoscope is brilliant. The software is easy to use and the extensive support material helps me polish up my some of my rusty concepts. I am delighted and I feel frustrated that I can not find words to convey how much I appreciate this software.

I understand Jyotish. I can therefore appreciate the software in all its glory. I can feel in my bones that the spirits of the Bhrigu, Parashar, Garg, Yavan, Chyavan, Bhaskar, Varah Mihir and all other rishis, munis and acharyas are happy and bless you. I learned in your program in one week what I learned from other courses in 6 months. The amount and detail of the yogas is incredible.

The way you've programmed the software to call the various yogas from the planets is great for a beginner. I can click on a planet and instantly see the yogas and the significance of the placement. From the same screen I can click on another chart type Rasi, Chandra Lagna etc.. The advanced dasha techniques are enough to keep you busy learning for years. I could have told him more about myself from Goravani Jyotish than he told me and I just got into astrology several weeks ago!

Great work! You have posited the scriptures to the place where they belong, to the position of the highest science, to the abode of 'sat chit ananda', to the position where the 'Rishis' viewed it from. There is so much to Goravani Jyotish that I can see that it could take years to become proficient in all of the features. It's amazing how accurate the program is regarding personalities. The best jyotish program I have seen to date I've seen most of them and own about 5 or 6.

It is not only the best Jyotish program available, it is one of the very best astrology programs available.