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They like to work in the team and to contribute constructively to the team. They will achieve the best results in any job when they have clear and defined tasks — it can be said that there are not top leaders as many Aquarius are , which in no way mean that they are unsuccessful. When it comes to love, they are very emotional, devoted, faithful partners and lovers, and they tend to be long-term relationships.

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Unlike many other representatives of the Aquarius sign in the Zodiac system of symbols, they hate experimenting in love and are prone to stability and strong connection with their partners. They are calling people, and maybe sometimes, they are partners who show a lot of compassionate nature. If you plan to win people who celebrate their birthdays on the January 28, try to be very moderate in everything you do.

You must not put it to the thought that you are strenuous, persistent, lonely, unscrupulous. Emit gentle energy, be seductive and above all romantic.

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Regarding their life purpose, talents and their careers, we could say that the people of the January 28 are extremely talented in many ways than one. Art is the area where they shine the most, and even when their art is not a real-life call, they tend to show themselves in that sphere or through some hobby, or they will choose a creative work that will satisfy their artistic needs. They intend to make this world a better place, for all humanity, and this is something that is same for all people who are under the government of the Aquarius. Such a grandiose approach can act irresistibly when you first meet people of the January 28, and they are real geniuses when it comes to thoughts and new ideas.

They are also inventive and original people in the work environment, and they able to deliver incredible and creative solutions, all to change the world or at least some of its smaller parts. An intellectual, a humanitarian and a visionary, a typical representative of this date of birth are usually non-commercial and with the admiration of a crazy scientist in himself.

How can we symbolically describe people who are born on the January 28?

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We could say that their element is air, that their colour is indigo blue, and that their lucky number is This can be realised in facing our mortality, but also looking into the future. On the particular date, January 28 many exciting things happened, and it is essential to know which so that these events are never forgotten, and if they are, we can work as a society to never make the same mistake twice. In , the Irish poet and drama writer William Butler Yates died the most prominent figure in the Irish National Revival, one of the founders and director of the National Theater.

He participated in public political life and was a senator from to In the year , he received the Nobel Prize for Literature. To sum up — what are like people born on the January 28? If you are ready to accept their eccentric habits, you can become their close friend. Sometimes stubborn and persistent, they are accessible and social, they like to know everything, and most of them look like they know everything. They are typically well-liked and popular and do not involve themselves with shallow chatter or become upset over trivial matters.

Aquarians may prefer to keep the atmosphere harmonious, not likely to engage in disputes unless they are needed to support an important viewpoint or idea.

They will also be the first to stick up for the weak, minority, or the underdog. Aquarians are often so open to new concepts that they will become frustrated with people who refuse to at least listen. There is a built in desire to stand out from the usual crowd somehow, and this causes Aquarians to often say or do outrageous things just to get a rise out of others. Though Aquarians prefer to keep an open schedule, they can adhere to a routine if they feel it is truly necessary. However, time management is not a natural talent of theirs and they may not always show up at the designated time.

Aquarians do not enjoy being treated as objects to possess; because they typically give others a large amount of freedom, they would like theirs to be respected as well. Due to Aquarians being disinterested in how others see them, they are unlikely to judge others. In romantic relationships, Aquarians tend to prefer a partner that will engage them in intelligent conversation and provide mental stimulation. Marriage is not something that a typical Aquarius takes lightly as they prefer to have their freedom and often shun commitments.

However, once an Aquarius does commit, they will likely stick to their decision. Though they may be reserved in expressing their affection with the loved one, especially if not in a private place, they can be very devoted and trustworthy partners. Emotionally delicate, careful, and possibly reserved about opening up to others. You find it difficult to convey the way you feel to others, even those that you may have strong feelings for. On the outside, you prefer to show your cerebral side. Being the recipient of grand gestures of affection is also uncomfortable for you as you either feel unworthy or as if the person is not being genuine.

Due to your discomfort with displays of warmth and affection, others will tend to view you as more cold and reserved than you may feel inside. It is also possible that your high standards push people away and it would be beneficial to you to develop tolerance and appreciation towards others even if they are not infallible; try to be lenient with your own mistakes as well. Your insistence that things be always perfect may be the cause of much unhappiness for you.

You are often diligent, dependable, cautious, intuitive, realistic, and sensible; this is especially true in regards to your feelings. Practicality, precision, and intelligence are likely to play a large role in your life. You have a gift of being able to size up a situation and quickly determine the most effective way to get the job done. This ability allows you to do well in a caretaking or administrator role.

Be mindful not to become too exacting and demanding over the little things. You enjoy aiding people, though you are often unable to comprehend their deeper emotional needs.

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It is important for you to learn to be more accepting as this will allow you to better assist others. Mentally you are reasonable, logical, sombre, self-controlled, impartial, sensible, and clear-headed; fanciful assertions do not sway you. You need factual data before you can get behind a concept. You are naturally sceptical, though at times this makes you pessimistic. You will tend to tackle challenges in a practical way, keeping a cool head regardless of the situation. As long as you remain interested in a subject, you can put forth great levels of focus and to achieve the outcome you desire.

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Detail-oriented, you are unlikely to forget what most people would over-look or deem insignificant. Your serious approach to life may come across to others as humourless, dull, or unhappy and you usually have a good deal going on mentally.

BORN ON JANUARY 28 HOROSCOPE AND CHARACTERISTICS - Discover the characteristics of your birthday

Your mind is meticulous, controlled, and well-organised which contributes to a good business sense as well as an ability for administrative tasks. Forward-thinking, you have an excellent talent for strategy and can easily devise a scheme for successfully reaching long-term goals. You require a certain amount of seclusion to consolidate your thoughts or engage in solitary activities; you make a great student. You understand that time is a valuable commodity and therefore do not waste yours when you can be achieving something more meaningful.

Social gatherings with your wide circle of interesting connections are immensely enjoyable to you and you are openly affectionate, though possibly in an unusual and rather removed fashion. There is a tendency towards being more content with a strictly platonic relationship than with something romantic, as you hold friendship in such high regard. Either way, you certainly would not abide by any sort of involvement that would limit your freedom in any way; you need to have your space to do what you please with anyone you want.

You require mental stimulation and rapport from a partner, often in replacement of a more personal, emotional bond. If you do decide to make things romantic, it is imperative to you that your partner allows you as much space to be true to yourself and engage in your various endeavours as possible, or you will likely rebel instead. You are charismatic, cheerful, and unique as well as easy going, cool, and a bit removed.

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Being removed can be advantageous to you as this allows you to keep from jealous and domineering with others. Your emotions are instead sifted through your brain logically and objectively first. It may be essential for you to develop more empathy and compassion with others. Conflicts are difficult for you to handle and you may even sweep things under the rug just to keep the atmosphere harmonious.

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You feel uneasy with overt confrontation or perceived hostility.