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They obviously were. They were artistically significant and, in many important ways, did shape the culture of their time and did change the direction of the music industry. But when we look back at revolutionary artists in the past, we do tend to do more than just acknowledge their artistry and their influence. We overstate their popularity too. The masses consumed far more of the stuff that, well, was not that, even as something revolutionary was happening.

As such, it was not my business to listen to pop music hits anymore and. That means that, going forward from here, it's gonna be a lot more hit and miss for me, at least for songs that just randomly popped up to the top spot for a week or which came from a one-hit-wonder. For example, I have no recollection of this song at all, nor have I ever heard of the artist. May not have ever heard it in my life before just playing it on Spotify.

But, obviously, folks liked it! I may have been in college, listening to Green Day and Beck all year, but this song was inescapable, of course. RIP Lisa Lopes. Let me add that, the week before this one hit number one was the week of my first wedding and the top song was Bryan Adams crap-fest "Have you ever really loved a woman" and, man, I wish I believed in omens, signs, and portents back in The "California Love" video was iconic and the song was ubiquitous even in -- especially in? Quality wise, it's certainly in the top two.

If only the subject of this song was alive to have a hit in July of we'd be getting someplace.

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Sadly, we're left with Diddy. I was studying for and taking the bar exam that summer so I blocked out almost anything that wasn't commercial paper, torts and contracts, but this song was still everywhere I went. And everywhere everybody else went. Between this and "Out of Sight" Lopez showed herself to be a better singer than most of the actors who sing and a better actor than most of the singers who act.

Neat trick.

Number One Songs for 1968

And it's even more inexcusable than the SWV song because I've totally heard of Usher and can't believe I've simply never heard this song. Or, more likely, I've heard it several times and it completely escaped my notice or recollection. I dunno, I was working a lot of hours at a law firm in those days and, after work, was going out drinking with clients and partners in order to suck up to power.

They all went to places that had "Takin' Care of Business" on the jukebox all the time. And your wife notices and signs you up for spin classes and you go to them and they always seem to play "Hot in Here" by Nelly. You end up not losing much weight in the spin classes, anyway.

It'll not be until you stop being a lawyer that you finally get your shit together in that regard. Jay-Z : Everything was a blur this summer. I had switched to a different law firm AND my wife was pregnant with our daughter. All I did was clean out the guest room to turn it into a nursery, paint, work my ass off and, occasionally, hear "Crazy in Love. I barely slept, barely functioned at work.

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Note: when you have kids, your life changes in many, many ways, but few ways are more notable than just how totally you're sucked out of current pop culture. I imagine some good movies and albums came out in the mids, but I missed so, so many of them that it's not even worth reviewing.

And she was, of course. I lost track of her career to some extent after that, noticing the hits but not paying her much mind -- while appreciative of her talent, I wasn't buying Mariah Carey albums or anything -- so when this song came out and people said it was a "comeback" I sincerely wondered what, exactly, she was coming back from.

Had she left?

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I dunno. It takes a lot of energy to keep current with pop music and, as you get older, it's geared less and less towards you anyway. Realizing that and being cool with it is a good way to not get too hung up on getting older. If you wanna spend the extra energy it requires to stay on top of the stuff that teenagers and people in their 20s just breathe in like oxygen, that's cool. Most of just can't really do that, though, and shouldn't feel bad if we can't keep up.

Timbaland : From an album called "Loose. Jay-Z : Based on the fact that I remember it coming out -- like, reading stuff about it before it did, as it came out and as it climbed the charts -- I feel like this was when I was beginning to climb out of the fog of babies and law practice a bit and actually experience and appreciate the world around me to some extent. Like, my first reaction to this and some other songs from around this time wasn't "wait, what the hell is that" but rather, "oh, that's the new song by so-and-so.

On other news, this was also around the time I began baseball blogging in earnest, which eventually derailed my legal career and launched me into my writing career. There's probably a connection between those things. Give me a little time and room to breathe and I'll get into all manner of things. Every time someone mentioned this song -- and it was mentioned a lot -- I thought they were talking about the Jill Sobule song of the same name from I remember thinking "Why is this scandalous?

What was the No.1 song on the day you were born? Enter your date of birth and listen to it!

We covered this ground 13 years ago. That's when this song was dominating all of known existence. And it's not a great song, but dammit, it's an optimistic anthem-y thing and when you're about to make a crazy life change that you've dreamed about forever, that stuff just speaks to you. I don't know how she heard it because her mother and I weren't listening to a lot of pop radio, but she heard it.

Which was kind of awkward because there's some innuendo in it that is unsettling to hear coming out of your six-year-old daughter.

At some point her mom subtly transitioned her to the Kidz Bopp version, which was somewhat sanitized -- no metling popsicles here -- but Anna's no dummy. Wasn't then either. My marriage was in the process of breaking apart that spring and through the summer and we'd ultimately split in October.

Pitbull was not exactly on my radar. I know a lot of people -- like people my age who are super into indie rock and all manner of other non-pop genres of music -- who worship Carly Rae Jepsen. I'm not sure if it's ironic or genuine worship. I think it's all genuine but maybe it started ironic? Or maybe it was not ironic at all.

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Irony, and music snobbery for that matter, by this point seems like such a relic of the s. I'm not gonna say I'm ever gonna warm to Carly Rae Jepsen, but things are a lot more simpler now and no one who does should have to explain themselves if they do. We spend so much time in the s trying to explain to other people why it was OK for us to like the music we liked. God that was exhausting. Problematic as hell liberate yourself, jack.

UK Number One Songs -

Ultimately not even their song, as Marvin Gaye's estate sued the hell out of them and won. But hey, maybe Robin Thicke is just a plagiarist. Maybe it's in his nature. Not that this isn't a jam. I liked it better as "Royals" by Lorde, though. He is the only person who makes hit songs and all hit songs are Drake songs. I know they are messing with me, but I don't know that they're wrong.

What did we learn, kids? But it was fun anyway. Follow craigcalcaterra. Stephen Frickx. Why not check out all the UK number one songs throughout your teens - 1 on your 14th birthday for example? Or the number one on your 21st birthday? Or how about the 1 when you turned 40? Watch the videos, create a Spotify playlist, or buy the tracks you like best on Amazon or iTunes.

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